Saturday, June 28, 2014

What to do to get good OCR results

You can tell if your business is up to date with the global standards of working by the type of technology you use in your workplace. OCR conversion is one such popular technology. You may wonder why this particular technology is of so much importance in the present day work space. The reason is simple. It is very important today to have quick and easy access to each kind of important document or information. Keeping hard copies of documents is past story. Now, these hard copies are being converted to soft digital copies, to which you can gain access using a keyword. This means, you are hardly wasting any time doing manual searches. You might wonder then, do you have to type out every document in order to make it digital? That would be a lot of labor too. But herein lays the ease of conversion via OCR. With the help of it, all you need to do is scan and get an image of the document and then convert it into usable word form.  But in order to get a good result in such conversion, you need to be well aware of the process.

Know the basics of OCR process

Before you can know more about bettering the quality of OCR conversion, you first need to gather basic knowledge of the process so that you do not make any mistake in that step. OCR is the acronym for optical character recognition. As stated once above, this procedure involves first scanning hard copies of documents into images and then turning them into usable format of digital documents. For instance, say you have a page of text in hard copy, which you would like to convert into soft MS word copy for easy use. Earlier, you would need to type out the entire thing. But with this conversion method, you would simply need to put the document in the scanner and get an image. Then run that image through OCR conversion tool About Optical Character Recognition, and soon enough you will have your word document ready. You will also have to use good conversion software.

Tips for getting good conversion results

In order to get better results out of the OCR conversion, you need to ensure good results in the scanning stage itself. Most of the tips for bettering the quality of the scanning are basic. First of all, you have to ensure that the original document that you are about to scan is in a good condition. The text on the page should be good in clarity. The document itself should not be too folded or torn. If the document is so, then it is important to restore the quality of the document before you can scan it.

While scanning, make sure you have the right settings. The settings include the resolution of the scan, the mode of the scan and also the format in which the scanned image will be saved. All these help to make the process of conversion easier and better.